Beautiful WooCommerce Product Page Design Examples

Here’s a collection of beautiful WooCommerce Product Page designs that will give you inspiration for your own Product Pages. These have all been built using the WooBuilder Blocks plugin. WooBuilder Blocks is a premium WordPress plugin that lets you customize the WooCommerce Product Page with the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor, so no page builder is required.

If I had to point you to only one repository of Gutenberg blocks for your WooCommerce Product Page, it would have to be WooBuilder Blocks.  Once you realize that you can create any product page you want there’s really only one thing left. It’s now your turn to create anything you can imagine.’ 

Chris Lema
chris lema

Click on each image to see the live example of each of the WooCommerce Product Pages.

Two columns
Hero Product Title
Three Columns with background page colour
Full Screen background image with sales countdown
Blog background with swatches integration
Full Screen Background image
Two Columns with Background image
Two Columns, Background image
Glassmorphism Product Page
Click to call example

Sticky Add to Cart
Side by Side image compare

Product image as background image
Classic Amazon layout example
Two Columns, background colour
Two columns, background colour
Two columns, product image as column background
Three columns, background colour
Product image as background
WooCommerce Cover Block example